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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.


30 minute target session ~ 45.00

Don't have time for a full hour?  Let's target the areas that you need worked the most ~ for many people this will be the neck and shoulders.


60 minute massage ~ 65.00 to 75.00

The most popular choice in massage ~ let's create the perfect session for you, whether it's a full body Swedish massage utilizing a light or medium pressure, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi techniques, and warm bamboo stones for those seeking a massage to relax and de-stress, or a therapeutic Deep Tissue session* focusing on 2 or 3 problem areas utilizing a medium to firm pressure.


90 minute full body ~ starting at 100.00 

Full body massage with extra time for problem areas ~ a 90 minute session allows the ideal amount of time for a full body massage, plus time to focus on the neck and back, or to spend extra time where you need some additional work.  This session utilizes both Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques*, but will be tailored more one way or the other based upon your preferences.



What is reflexology?  A very basic definition:  techniques that stimulate the proprioceptors (or sensory nerve endings) on the bottom of your feet to increase stimulation of nerve endings, giving a calming effect to your whole body.  Reflexology can be included in any session up to 30 minutes.  Please mention if you are interested in Reflexology when booking your session, or during the intake process.


*Some or all of the following may be used during a deep-tissue session:  warm bamboo stones for direct heat to the muscle, myofascial work, pin and stretch techniques, cross-fiber friction, and MRT (muscle release techniques involving repetitive stretching of the muscle).  I use a more gentle approach when doing deep-tissue work which is very effective, but easier on your body post-massage in order to leave you feeling better, not worse, than when you come in.  If you are seeking work that leaves you feeling really beat up for days, I am probably not the right therapist for you because that is not how I choose to work.  If you don't feel that my style of work is what you're seeking, I'm happy to try and help you find a therapist that suits you.


At this time, I do not offer pre-natal massage.  I can, however, recommend a wonderful therapist with a great deal of experience in pre-natal, so feel free to contact me so I can refer you.  She works in the room next to me, so I know her well, and you and the precious little one you are carrying will be in good hands with her.

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